Spiralco company is specialized more than 30 years in the field of transport or movement materials by continuous spirals. Top quality of our spirals and the competitive prices have made our firm one of the greatest in the sector of continuous spirals.

Main power of our effort is the trustworthy business relationship we have developed (all these years) with our clients in combination with the endless enlightenment and the well-documented opinion in the sector of the continuous spirals.

For the immediate service of our clients we have a complete range of continuous spirals –iron (Fe) and inox (AISI 304) in diameters 60-400mm, with thickness from 1,5mm and length 3mm, right-handed and left-handed.

SPIRAL.COM company is the ideal solution to any need in continuous spirals because apart from the top quality is able to offer direct delivery time and satisfy every urgent requirement or its clients.